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1 Second = 1 Dead

Every second a native animal is killed by deforestation. Together we can stop this. Donate now.

Every second counts

The primary cause of this globally-significant destruction is bulldozing to create new pastures for beef cattle.

As you read this, the homes of native animals are being destroyed, and animals that can’t move fast enough to escape are being crushed to death. It’s shocking that this is happening in our own backyard, but it’s devastatingly true.

When forests are slashed, native animals, like koalas, wallabies and wombats, are slaughtered as they try to escape. The animals that survive flee to new homes that don’t support them, or onto the roads to be hit by cars.

These forests are bulldozed mainly for beef production. The dead trees, once threatened species habitat, are not even used as materials. Most of the time they are piled up and senselessly burned, creating huge amounts of carbon emissions and polluting nearby waterways.

Today, you can help stop it.

These lives are at stake

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Save my future

The beef industry is the number 1 driver of deforestation in Australia. While big corporations like Coles, Woolworths and McDonald’s keep buying their beef from well-known deforestation hotspots, the carnage will continue. We need these big, profit-hungry businesses to commit to buying only beef without bulldozers.

With your help, we can take extinction out of the supply chain.

Australia Deforestation Map

Help make the beef industry deforestation free.

If the beef industry were to go deforestation-free, it would be the single biggest step towards our ambitious goal of making Australia free from deforestation by the end of 2025.

With supporters like you beside us, Greenpeace has pioneered successful campaigns targeting companies involved in energy, logging, palm oil and soy supply chains.

The beef supply chain in Australia has never faced a full-scale NGO public campaign before. With you beside us, we know we can win this fight too.

With your support, Greenpeace can:

  • Demand that McDonald’s, Coles and Woolworths only purchase beef without bulldozers
  • Pressure the beef industry to commit to completely deforestation free production
  • Reveal the true impact of deforestation on our native wildlife
  • Drive political will to close loopholes allowing for the death and destruction in our forests
Help us raise the alarm on Australia’s destructive beef industry. Every second counts.